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These Twenty-Four Features Make Sewing & Quilting Easier And More Fun

HorizonRemember when you caught
the sewing and quilting bug?

Bet you never imagined how far your new love would take you. A few fabric pieces here, a straight stitch there, soon you were creating all kinds of beautiful things that were uniquely yours. Suddenly, nothing in the world was more fun than fabric and thread. And now, each new project is like an exciting trip you can’t wait to take.

It’s been a journey
for us at Janome as well.

People brought home the first sewing machines and watched in awe as a task that would have taken hours or days to finish by hand was completed in minutes. With the Horizon, every new feature and function is based on nearly a century of design and technological advancement, resulting in what we believe is the ultimate sewing and quilting machine.

You can tell the moment
you sit down in front of it.

You have plenty of room to stretch your creative muscles. Controls are positioned where it makes the most sense for hours of enjoyment. Operation is instinctive, the icons and buttons are easy to use and understand. And of course, the Horizon is a true Janome where it matters most: the quality of your stitches.

Our new Quilt Piecing System
is an amazing synergy of precision.

It moves thick layers of fabric and batting past the needle with ease, allows you to stitch from the tip of a point without a starter piece, and gives you the controls to maintain a perfect 1/4″ seam from virtually any angle.

It opens up new possibilities
for your creativity.

From the widest bed in its class to the most illuminating lighting system. It has speed, precision and an innovative navigation system that makes it a breeze to choose your stitch out of the 250 available.

Thousands of hours of experience, technology and testing stand behind this machine.

But when you’re working with your new Horizon, you won’t give it much thought at all. You’ll be lost in the enjoyment of your next journey, knowing how you get there makes all the difference.

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